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Send us your contact information here to--see if you qualify--so we can schedule an appointment for your FREE Safety Check.

Please select any electrical issues you have been having (if any):

  • Power Quality and Failure
  • Heater, Outlet, and Device Issues
  • Panel and Breaker Problems
  • Other

The Safety Check program we offer to Lopez Island properties at no charge. For other islands, we will have to charge travel fees; but the inspection itself-is no charge. We want to make sure the wiring on your property is safe and does what it was intended to do! Most installations that we have inspected have had only some minor problems that were easily repaired. However, over time connections can weaken and that is usually where problems start. Sometimes, the wiring was not installed to code originally, or there were alterations that were not done correctly. We are glad to help you get those repaired, so your system can operate the way it is supposed to--Safely!