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Electrical Installation

We do all types of electrical projects, Residential and Commercial, from start to finish, as well as only limited pieces. We highly recommend that a qualified contractor, such as ourselves, be contacted very early on in the design and planning process. With professional input, the small investment at the beginning may save considerable time and money, not too mention frustration and surprises, as the project continues.

New Electrical Services

Service Equipment

New Residential Electical Services are usually 200 amps, and larger projects may be 400 amps. It is best to create a "Site" plan early on for this, with all of the anticipated electrical needs for the entire property. We can best do this with the following information:

Building & Structure Wiring

Rough Installation

Building wiring is usually the last thing to be installed--before walls and ceilings are covered. However, that doesn't mean that it should be ignored until the project is ready. It is best to develope a plan early on, prior to any work, then compare that with what is built--a thorough walk-thru. Whether a brand new house, or small remodel, we can help with the design--using readily available materials that are reliable and labor saving to install. We have many solutions to common problems, as well as power saving ideas. We will consider the following items when we design an electrical system: