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A project consultation usually begins with phone call, and many times it may be best to visit the site. Many projects are started and even completed on the first visit. Projects that are more in depth require varying degrees of planning. The first half-hour is not charged as a courtesy to ensure that what you are planning to do is well-designed and an estimate for the work can be developed. If additional consultation is necessary, our design rate is $65/hour. We can develope all aspects of the electrical system--for the site and the buildings--as necessary.

Send us your contact information here so we can schedule an appointment for your FREE Project Consultation.

Please select the type electrical installation you are planning (can be more than one):

  • New Electrical Service
  • Temporary Construction Power
  • New Construction or Addition/Remodel
  • Add Feeder(s) and/or Circuit(s)
  • Add Heating System

Thank you for considering us for your project. This webpage is under construction! Please click on the email link below to send us you request. You can expect to be contacted within the next 2-3 days. We look forward to working with you.