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Welcome to Lopez Island Electric & Heating. Our Mission is all about creating superior relationships with our island customers in the process of serving our community as an electrical and heating contractor.

To us, that means that our customers are our most important asset, and we strive to serve their needs with integrity, craftsmanship, and value. If your dealings with contractors has been difficult in the past, be prepared for an entirely different experience. We are ready to help you complete your project; whether you need complete electrical design and installaion, or simply an hour of professional repair or consultation.

See our About Us page to get an idea of what we do. If you have a new project, see our Projects page, so we can help you get complete control of the electrical & heating part of it--right from the start--and the confidence of over 35 years of experience! Please see our Safety Check page to apply for a FREE inspection of your electrical & heating equipment. We will provide you with an expert analysis of what state your equipment is in, and provide a FREE estimate of what repairs or upgrades we would recommend. We would love to hear from you--please Contact us!